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Today we are going to talk about the best Attitude Status in English, these Hindi attitude statuses can be used by girls and boys as their social media like FB and Whatsapp statuses.
Nowadays people want to show themselves more unique i.e. extraordinary in their social media life because of their personal life so that people feel that there is some special status inside them.

For this, they take various steps like putting cool photos and leaving new funny quotes, and along with this the most favorite in today’s time is fb status and Whatsapp status, etc.

Attitude meaning in Hindi

If we talk about attitude, then it is an English word that means to make yourself a pressure in front of others so that they feel that there is something inside you.
Many categories come in this attitude status and it is used by everyone, in today’s time from small children to older people and it is used by both boys and girls. If you use social media, then you must have used all these killer attitude status once.
If you are looking for attitude status on the internet in Hindi language, then you are at the right place, today we are going to tell you some of the best Hindi attitude status for you, which you can use to keep status in your social media and your messenger. Can

Attitude Status in Hindi

If you are looking for Attitude Status in Hindi on the internet then your search ends here because today we have told about many such attitude statuses below which you can see and you can use on your social media.

“If you like it in your heart, otherwise not in your mind either”

“Blood is still the same, no hobby has changed, no passion, listen again,
The status has not gone to the princely state, the awe and fear are the same today.

“Weapons are kept just for the sake of souk, just the name is enough for fear”

No matter how severe the famine, one cannot win without luck, Birbal could never become a king even though he was very intelligent.

Whatever the world says, don’t respect it, don’t salute the one whose conscience doesn’t agree

If you are full, then tell me, I like to live, not wait.

A man should be right in his own eyes, the world is even sadder than God.

If you want to win, then increase your ability, even a dog gets the bread of luck.

Take advantage of my friendship, because you will not be able to bear the loss of my enmity

We are Sikandar of our own free will, but we have come to win hearts, not the world

I am free to defeat someone and take my life, but I don’t even give a second chance to those who cheat.

It is not possible for everyone to read me, I am that book in which emotions are written instead of words.

We were also born noble, but I was never made of nobility

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New Attitude Status In English Hindi

We have mentioned below some new attitude statuses in Hindi which you can see, all these are new in the market and people like to use more and more of these on their social media.

I am not the rain of your luck that should rain on you, you will have to change your fate to get me

Nowadays those people also walk by changing their attitude, whom we had taught to walk carefully.

Nothing will happen if you have attitude, smile like this and win the hearts of people.

We will die the way people die to live

He kept speaking, we kept listening, the answer was in the eyes, he kept looking for it on the tongue

You will be a piece of the moon, but I am also a piece of my father’s liver

Look crazy, everything looks good to an extent, if you are the only one, then it looks better than the limit

I don’t change my preferences for others, people have to change their preferences to like me

Girlfriend should be a lioness, even a bitch is cute

Royal Attitude Status In Hindi

Here we have told many royal-level attitude statuses in Hindi, which you can read below, and believe me, boys and girls, by using all these Hindi attitude statuses, you can bring a different status on your FB and WhatsApp.

If you have not used all these before, then read all of them today and use them once.

Lakhs of rupees have been lost in the cards of Basak, but today’s trend is so much that Begum today walks on my feet.

People say that improve your character, the public will rise, we say that the public has risen anyway, if we improve then our identity will rise.

Whether the enemy is four or four thousand, my heart will be filled with all

It is not necessary that people get burnt only by my fire, some get burnt by our style too.

The girls who call me a bad boy, maybe they don’t know that Sahajadas are never reformed.

Even the air of this city can’t oppose, then what is the status of the enemy

I have a habit of living in the hearts of friends and in the skulls of enemies.

Fools like us create history, sensible people only read history


Today, we have given you all the attitude statuses in Hindi, which you can share on your social media and put in your WhatsApp story, and believe me, as soon as you use them, your friends and relatives will see them. I will create a different status for you.

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