How to create a good disclaimer page for blog

what is a disclaimer page?

A disclaimer page is a legal document that websites use to describe the terms and conditions that apply to their content. Our

will create a custom disclaimer for your website in minutes, specifying your full name, your company name, your jurisdiction and more.

A disclaimer page (also known as a legal page) is a legal notice which appears on the last page of a book, preceding the colophon. Disclaimer pages are required by some publishing companies, and the rules vary by publisher. The notice is that any illegal copies made of the book can result in severe penalties to the reader.

What to write on the disclaimer page?

hello friends, when you have visited any site, you must have seen the disclaimer page from there. Perhaps you must have also thought that how to create a blog disclaimer page and how to generate a blog disclaimer page. In this post I am going to tell you in an easy way how to create a free disclaimer page for any site. Read the post properly so that you can understand easily

why to create a disclaimer page?

Suppose you go to some site, there you get a link that redirects you to another blog and as soon as you click on us, you go to another site.

We may have encountered some fraud with you on the site. If the previous site where you found the link has a disclaimer page, you can’t blame the site for redirecting us.

Because he must put it in his Disclaimer If you go from site to site then you will be on your own responsibility. I mean from the page we tell the visitor what kind of content our site provides. Didn’t lie down.

Yeah, this page should be on our site. Apart from this, if we apply for Google Adsense as well, then it is mandatory that on our site About Us, Contact Us, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, Sitemap etc page should be there. Otherwise your site will not be approved for adsense.

what includes disclaimer page ?

We have handled the content posted on the site very carefully but still if something wrong happens to you or any data is found to be wrong then you will be responsible for it. Don’t know.

If you visit any other site through our site, we will not be responsible for any fraud etc. that may occur on the site.

We have full rights on our site, we can interrupt and edit the site whenever we want and can also delete comments on any content without any such. By visiting our site you accept our disclaimer.

Similarly you can enter something else remember you are creating the disclaimer page manually.

create a disclaimer page step wise

If you want to create disclaimer page with Asana then you have to first go to the site –

Do you have to fill the step wise form after visiting the site, first of all you have to enter the name of your company, if the company is not there then you can enter the name of the site

After this you have to enter the URL of the site followed by country and state

Enter last me email id and click on generate disclaimer button

For this, you have to click on copy text to the clipboard, and your text will be copied. Now we will leave the site and on the blogger dashboard click on a new page.

 After clicking on the new page, you will see the interface shown below, you have to write a disclaimer in the box with the title, after this you will get two options, compose or HTML, you have to click on the HTML from it, the code given first will give you After deleting it, you have to copy the copied text in the body part and after that you can see it by going to the compose, what will happen in your disclaimer, after doing this we go to the left site me option by disclaiming the reader comment Will give and do. Now our disclaimer page has been created, we will click on publish button.

But still,

your page is showing on your site, for this,

we will edit on the page by going to the layout page and there I will show you the disclaimer page in advance in the list, you have to save it by ticking the box in front of it.

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