Best content editing and proofreading tools

While publishing content on your website, making it free of all kinds of mistakes and errors is essential. Content marks a strong impression on the audience about the compatibility of a brand. A small error in the content can affect the conversions and sales of a brand. Publishing quality content will positively impact the audience, thus converting them into your potential customers.

Editing and Proofreading Tools

When you’re trying to get into a college or get a job and you send in a paper about yourself, it shouldn’t have any mistakes. That’s why it’s important to check and fix any errors before you show it to others.

But if you can’t do that or can’t pay someone to help, don’t be upset. We have an answer for you. This solution can help you remove mistakes and make small changes on your own.

To stop keeping it a secret, we want to tell you that you can use tools on the internet to make things easier for you.

Editing and Proofreading Tools: Be an Independent Content Manager 

Editing and proofreading are two different procedures, but usually, people find them connected. Editing is about making grammatical, syntactical, and structural changes in a piece of content to make that look more straightforward and comprehensible. While proofreading is about removing spelling and grammar mistakes, etc. Some online utilities perform these functions, like a plagiarism checker, a paraphrasing tool, etc. Let’s shed light on a few of these remarkable facilities below.

Paraphrasing Tool

A paraphrase tool by is an editing tool that helps you convert complex sentences into simpler ones to make your content easy to read. Other than that, if you are asked to write content in bulk in a shorter time, you can also use this facility for that purpose. It is so because when you try to write down several articles in a single day, the chances of copied texts in your writing get higher. That’s where a paraphrasing tool comes to rescue you if some copied phrases exist in your write-up.

You simply put the duplicated sentences in such a utility. Then, it rephrases the sentences into unique ones so you can use them in your writing. This tool allows you to paraphrase your text up to 2000 words in a single go.

Plagiarism Checker offers a remarkable online facility that helps you check plagiarism in your article. You simply paste your write-up in such a facility, and it highlights the copied portion in your content. Afterward, you can manually paraphrase that or seek help from a paraphrasing tool that will turn the sentences into unique ones. The free version of this tool allows you to check plagiarism in up to 1000 words, while the pro version permits you to analyze up to 25,000 words in a single go.


Grammarly is another remarkable online tool that is used for editing as well as proofreading purposes. You can use its free version without any word limit, but some features only get unlocked after buying the pro version. For example, it allows you to inculcate tone, formality, and intent in your writing as per the writing niche. You can also refine your text using this tool to increase the readability of your text according to your audience’s understanding level. Moreover, you can remove punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes and bring consciousness to the text.


This utility provides editing and proofreading services free of cost. This helps you check your text’s grammar, spelling, style, readability, and sentence structure. You can bring improvements to your article based on the specific changes suggested by this tool. The only problem with this service is the limitation of the word count to edit and proofread your text. It allows you to do detailed checks up to 500 words only in its free version.

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Closing Remarks

Content editing tools can bring a significant difference in the quality of your texts. You can gain more readership as well as avoid all kinds of copyright issues using such utilities. Furthermore, all these tools are also a source of learning new things to better your writing style. You get to learn new words, sentence structures, synonyms, etc. That’s why use these facilities even if you have an excellent command of writing. We hope that after reading this blog post, you will be able to integrate the assistance of the best online editing and proofreading tools in your work.