Different Ways for Students to Earn through Typing Jobs

Modern-day socio-economic environment often makes students think, what is the right time to start earning? While the answer to this query varies from person to person, there is no doubt that in 2022, students want to make money right from high school. However, most jobs out there require you to have some minimum qualification or some practical experience, which students of all stages – school & college, lack. But one new emerging field that allows anyone to earn money online without any particular qualification is the ‘Typing Job‘.

What is a ‘Typing Job’?

A typing job is a type of employment under which you will be required to type a large amount of data and store it in the form of sheets or documents. This field requires a minimum to zero formal education. The basic requirements include good typing speed and a good hold of the language that you are typing in. That’s all it takes. If you check these two boxes, you can rest assured that you will be able to earn considerably at a typing job. We will talk about different types of jobs in the industry in just a second. 

What are the benefits of a Typing Job for Students?

No Minimum Qualification

Most typing jobs do not require a minimum degree or education that you need to complete to become a typist. Some high-level jobs, like technical writing, content writer, proofreading, etc., may require specialization but the jobs we will discuss today are perfect for newbies.

Good Income

Let’s be honest. How sweet of a deal can you earn while you are still in high school without even putting in any physical labor? Does it get any better than this? Glassdoor says a typing job pays more than Rs. 15,000/month on average. That is pretty good, considering students don’t have much experience or developed skills.

Part-Time Opportunities

Typing jobs are mostly found to be part-time rather than full-time opportunities. This is good news for all the students as their primary purpose – Education is not affected by their job, and they can still earn a decent income and do whatever they want.

Minimum Investment

Typing jobs do not require any fancy investment on your part. All you need is a laptop or a smartphone combined with a great internet connection, and you can apply for your first typing job instantly.

What are the different types of Typing Jobs?

Data Entry

A data clerk is employed by a company to digitize its existing data and record new data in a readable and efficient format. These clerks are given a large amount of unorganized data, which they must assemble systematically and enter into computer software. More often than not, companies have a native database management system for which they provide training to new employees.

Caption Writer

In this world of social media, where everyone is trying to convey something to the public, more jobs are emerging for people who have a knack for creative typing. Many social media influencers, celebrities, and channels require captions to accompany their posts. That is where you come in. With a little creativity and good grammar, you can become a caption writer for big brands and individuals and earn right from the comfort of your home.


Technology has made everyone’s lives easy. It has also created tons of new opportunities for students in the market. One of these opportunities includes becoming a transcriber. A transcriber’s daily activities include listening to different audio files – interviews, podcasts, and casual conversations recorded earlier and typing them down as a systemized document. These documents are then used to quote people in an article, headlines, blogs, and much more. 

Customer Service

Most companies hire individuals to interact with the public and redress grievances. These days people are hired to respond to customers on email, websites, chatbots, and messengers. Students can use this opportunity to earn money online as customer support executives are given guidelines on responding to customers. All they have to do is interact while keeping the instructions in mind and solve people’s problems.

Project Maker

This job is very convenient, and only a few people know about it. Students out there hire their classmates or batchmates to type down their projects. Yes, this is true! Students earn part-time income just by typing projects for their peers and mates. These projects can include articles, technical projects, subject-specific assignments, and much more. This freelance job depends on your personal network and negotiating ability. 

E-Book Writing

Many books still haven’t been digitized, so publishers and e-book platforms hire good typists to read them and type them into digital documents. These documents are used to create digital books on platforms like Amazon Kindle, Scribd, etc.

Things to keep in mind while becoming a Typist

Online Frauds

Since most of these jobs are online, there is a huge chance that you can be duped out of your time and opportunities very easily. Make sure to only affiliate with clients from trusted websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Indeed, etc.

Main Goal

While typing jobs may be a great source to earn a passive income, students should not lose focus on their main goal – studies. Students often start focusing more on their part-time jobs, negatively affecting their education, and hurting them in the long term. Do not bite off more than you can chew!

Work-Pay Balance

Most typing jobs require thousands of pages to be written and digitized monthly. It would help if you considered factors like pay per day, working hours requirement, & time flexibility before you commit to a typing job.


Students now have a great way to earn money without putting much pressure on their personal and educational lives. Try to find out more about the typing jobs we mentioned for you, and if any of these attracts you, then do not wait up. Go for it!