how can we activate airtel sim postpaid and prepaid|airtel 4g sim activation easy steps

Have you just got a new airtel sim but you do not know how to activate your new airtel sim, then there is nothing to worry because through this article you will get information about how to activate airtel sim will be received. Along with this, you will be given information about activating airtel 4G sim and how to activate caller tune in airtel.

As you all know that airtel is famous for providing its fast internet service, in addition to this airtel also provides excellent phone calls, services like GSM, 2G, 3G and 4G, looking at all of these, you turn to airtel. Many customers are attracted and buy its sim.

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Although about 6-7 years ago, activation of all sims was done through offline documents, but in the present time all the work has become digital. In such a situation, you must have some necessary information for your airtel sim activation. Below we are providing you these information to activate your airtel sim –

new airtel sim activation number

First of all, restart your mobile by inserting a new airtel sim in your mobile.

After turning on the mobile, wait for the SIM network to come. Call 59059 as soon as you get the network.

OTP will be sent to your alternate number as soon as you call the number. (This alternate number will be given by you at the time of providing your new sim.)

After entering the OTP, you will be asked to start internet service on your number. You will be asked to press the number 1 to start the service.

Just after completing these steps, your Airtel sim will be activated after some time.

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How to activate airtel postpaid sim

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Above, we talked about how a normal Airtel SIM is activated. But if you are a postpaid SIM customer of Airtel, then you will have to adopt another type of strategy for this. So to activate Airtel postpaid sim you have to go through two step verification process so to activate airtel postpaid sim you will need to do the following –

Tele Verification Round – To verify the new airtel postpaid sim, first of all call on 59059 and provide them with the necessary information.

Address Verification Round – The address you have provided to the company while taking Airtel postpaid sim will be physically visited by Airtel executives to verify your address.


How to activate airtel prepaid sim ?

Above we have seen how to activate Airtel Postpaid SIM. Now we will see about Airtel Prepaid SIM. You can activate your airtel prepaid sim through the following 3 steps –

You have to do KYC first to activate your Airtel Prepaid SIM. This work is done at the time of taking your SIM.

After about half an hour, the network will start appearing on your Airtel prepaid sim. After that you will have to go through the tele-verification round. You need to call on the official number 59059 provided by Airtel to do tele-verification.

In this call, you will have to follow the instructions of the computerized voice given from the front.

how to activate caller tune in airtel sim

The very first step to set up caller tune in Airtel is to download the Wynk Music app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Launch the app and log in using your Airtel SIM number.

Click on HelloTunes icon.

Search for your favorite song which you want to set as your caller tune.

Click on the play icon to hear the preview and then click on “activate for free” to set it as your caller tune in Airtel.

Alternatively, if you are listening to a song on the music player and want to set it as your caller tune, simply click on the HelloTunes icon and then click ‘activate for free’. Once done, you will receive a verification SMS on your Airtel number.

How to set caller tune in airtel using sms and other options:

You can also use USSD code to set free caller tune in Airtel. You have to dial *678#, select your favorite tune and reply with its serial number. Next, confirm caller tune activation.

You can also copy someone else’s airtel caller tune and set it as your hellotune. Call that particular number (make sure it is an airtel number only) and press *9.

Although the company has currently stopped SMS service for setting caller tune in Airtel, you can still use it to deactivate the messaging service. You can deactivate Hellotune via SMS (send STOP to 543211).

how to activate Airtel SIM

We saw the process of activating postpaid and prepaid sim of airtel above, now we will know how to activate airtel 4G sim. There are mainly following 3 steps to activate Airtel 4G SIM-

By typing SIM <20 digit SIM card number of your new SIM> send a message to the number 121. For example, you have to send this type of massage to 121 – SIM <12345678910123456789>

You will receive a confirmation SMS in your inbox to which you will have to reply by pressing 1.

Immediately after this you will receive a verification call, listen carefully and give your consent by pressing 1.

Your new SIM will be activated within 24 hours of your confirmation.

Please note, to protect your account, SMS service is blocked for 24 hours after SIM replacement.

how to activate airtel sim after porting

Through this article, we have presented to you the most frequently asked questions related to airtel sim: “how to activate airtel sim in hindi | I have tried to give information about how to activate airtel sim. However through this article we not only learned how to activate airtel sim but also how to activate postpaid airtel sim, prepaid airtel sim and caller tune and finally we also saw how to activate 4G airtel sim .

Hope you have got the necessary help through this article. If you still have any kind of doubt or problem related to this topic (how to activate airtel sim in hindi) then you can ask us through comment below. We will try to answer this question as soon as possible.

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