Meesho | online shopping best app and earn up to 25000 by reselling

Meesho: This question will be in the mind of many people What is Meesho App (What is Meesho app in Hindi) and Paise kaise kamaye from mesho app?

And I know that you also want to know here Meesho App Se Paise Kaise kamaye, and I also know that some people would know a little bit about this.

Nowadays many people are earning money sitting at home, if you also want to earn money like those people, then read the information given by us carefully, so that you do not have any problem in knowing the answers to your questions.

We will be more than happy to assist you.

So let’s start:-

What is Meesho app

You must be thinking that what is Meesho app or what is Meesho app, how to earn money from Oris, today I am going to tell you what is Meesho app.

Friends, let’s know what is the Meesho app. Meesho app is an e-commerce app, which is an Indian app. You will find this app easily in the Google Play Store, for which you do not need to pay a single penny or we will also provide you a download link.

Meesho also sells products online like Amazon or Flipkart, but the specialty of Meesho is that we can earn money sitting at home by selling its products. Or the Meesho app allows delivery across India. If you also want to earn money sitting at home, then this blog of ours should be completed so that you or other people can earn a lot from Meesho.

Meesho App Ki Sthapna Kisne Ki?

Friends Meesho was founded by Sanjeev Baranwal or Vidit Attri in 2015 with an aim to create 19-20 million successful entrepreneurs by 2020.

Meesho Apps Download kaise kare?

Follow the steps given below to download the Meesho app:-

Meesho Install Steps :-

  • To download the Meesho app, click on the download button

download Meesho

  • You will see these links in the Play Store or you will have to click on the button.
  • After download click on the open button.
  • Now the Meesho app will open in front of you or now you will get its address, so register it and take it from your phone number or email.
  • After registering, Mesho will be completely open in front of you or now you will see a registration section where your bank is added so that if you earn money from Misho, it will come directly to your account.
  • Now your Meesho app is completely ready to use.

You can easily download from this by following all the steps.

How to make money from reselling app Meesho

So let us tell you without taking much of your time, how to earn money from Meesho (How to earn money from Meesho)

Before knowing how to earn money from a friend’s Meesho, you will not need to know how Meesho works (How Meesho works) or from where Meesho takes its products.

Where does Meesho source its products?

Big wholesalers of India list their products in Meesho for a specific amount or sell them online through Meesho.

How does Meesho work?

Whenever a sale comes in the app, Meesho sends the sale to the wholesaler or delivers the US product less its commission.

If we say it in simple words, then Meesho reduces its commission on every product or sells the product.

So let us now tell you how to make money with this money-making app. Because now you know what Meesho is or how it works.

How to earn money from Meesho?

Meesho we can earn money by reselling. If you do not know what is reselling then do not take tension because we will tell you what is reselling or how to earn money from reselling.

What is re-selling?

Re-selling is a process in which we sell a product by adding our margin and use it, we call it re-selling.

For example

Meesho app has a product which is a Meesho kurti plazo set under 500, or its price is Rs. 500 or we are selling the product in the market for Rs. 700 We will say reselling. This means that the product whose price is already fixed or we are selling by adding extra money, we will call it reselling. Or those who are earning our extra 200, we will say margin.

process of earning money

So let’s make sure how to earn money from the Meesho app:-

You can earn money from Meesho from two ways:-

  • refer and earn
  • Resell

Refer and Earn:- Meesho first way to earn money refer and earn, by this you can earn money sitting at home very easily. If you do not know what happens to refer and earn, then I will tell you what happens when you refer and earn.

Refer and Earn Means You Will Come In Your Meesho App By Clicking On Meesho App In Meesho App By Clicking Meesho Refer Me Meesho Or You Will Work In Meesho App They will get a commission per product sold by them.

Reselling: – Another way to earn money from the app is reselling or what is reselling, as I have already told you above.

In this, you have to select a product like AP wants to sell or see its price or check whether Meesho is not taking any extra charge for its delivery, if it is taking then calculate how much it is taking From this you have to share the bow product to the people or share the product by adding your margin to it.

Where to share Meesho products?

Mujhe pta hai ap yeh soch rahe honge ki humne apko yeh to bta diya ki meesho se paise kaise kamaye per yeh nahi bataya ki meesho product kahaan- kahaan share kare. To main apko bata du ki hum apko yeh bhi btayenge ki meesho products kahaan per share kare jis se ki ap achi khashi income generate kar sake.

platforms to share reselling products-

  7. OLX.

In how many languages can we use the Meesho app?

We can use Meesho app in 7 languages:-

  1. English
  2. Hindi
  3. Bangla
  4. Tamil
  5. Telugu
  6. Malayalam
  7. Kannada

Who are the Meesho competitors?

So let’s know who are the Aries competitors:-

  1. Glowroad

2. Shop101

3. Hiboss

4. Woopl

Where are Meesho products from?

Knowing so much about Meesho, you must be thinking that all products are from whom and sells products to whom.

Meesho sells all the given niche products:-

  1. Women Products like Online Shopping For Meesho Cotton Sarees
  2. Men Products like t shirt
  3. Kids Products
  4.  Beauty Products
  5. Accessories
  6. Home Products
  7. Kitchen
  8. Jewellery
  9. Electronics Products
  10. Health Products.

What is special about Meesho?

  • The special thing about Meesho is that anyone can use it.
  • Housewives can also use it.
  • delivery pan India.
  • Online and Cash on Delivery (COD) are also available.
  • Bonus is also given to its resellers.
  • Inca customer support is also fast.

Who benefits from Meesho?

This app decides all the people who use the app, but if it is seen, then the Meesho app is beneficial for housewives, students, teachers and poor families or those who don’t say entrepreneur ban.

Or else Meesho app is beneficial for all of us who use social media.

Can I sell Meesho products on Amazon?

This is a very good question, can I sell Meesho products on Amazon?

Its mean is that can I buy Miho’s products on Amazon.

The answer is no, we cannot sell Meesho products on Amazon. I agree that we can sell everything in Amazon, but there are some guidelines of Amazon Balo, instead of that we cannot sell reselling products on Amazon.

If you do not know in Hindi what are the guidelines of Amazon, then you can tell us in the comment.

Meesho Helpline Details

If you have any problem then you can contact:-

Mobile Number – 08061799600

Email – [email protected]


In the blog, what is the Meesho app or how to earn money from the app we have done a point discussion of many reselling apps or have studied completely about the Misho app?

That’s why according to me, Mee-sho is completely safe or you can easily earn money from it.

Or I want to thank you because you have given us your valuable time to read this blog. If you also want us to do any topic about which you do not want me to know in Hindi, then you can comment.

general question

1 Which country is the Mesho app from?

Answer. Meesho app is 100% Indian app.

Q.2 Who is the founder of the Meesho app?

Answer. Vidit Aatery ji is the founder of the Meesho app.

Q.3 How to make Meesho app?

Answer. Meesho App was founded in 2015.

Q.4 What is Meesho data offer?

Answer. ‘Yes’ app which gives time-to-time offers and also gives bonuses to its resellers with me.

Q.5 Meesho app is original or fake?

Answer. app is completely genuine or trustworthy.

Q.6 Can I sell Meesho products on Amazon?

Answer. No.

Q.7 Which language can I use in the Meesho app?

Answer. We can use the Meesho app in 7 languages.

credit – sanjeev kumar