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I miss you a little, I miss you a lot, if I could I’d surely give anything to spend each second with you. I miss you meme more than anything else in the world.
I miss you. I think about you every single day. When I see our song come on the radio I can’t help but smile and think of you. I love you, you will always be my one and only.
I MISS YOU I can’t stop thinking about you. I never had someone in my life that makes me feel this way, and it hurts that you’re not around. I missed you so much, already.

Thinking about your meme for her

best miss-you message to express your love and affection for him.

I miss you calling me at 3 AM. I miss you waking up and making coffee. I miss the way you tell me to stop texting you so much, but then end up sending me more messages than usual because you can’t stay still. I miss your jokes and your smile, and just being around you these past few weeks has been crazy good. Miss you a lot.

Hey, there’s a meme. I miss you too.

Did you know there’s a gif for every moment of a breakup? You’ll need one when you feel the sting of that first post-breakup hangover ?

I miss you so much. ?

Wish you were here. Miss you.

daddy i miss you meme

I miss you, Mister.

I miss you, but I’m glad to have a break from your crazy.

Some people are in love with the camera, others with themselves.?❤️

Missing you like the first day of winter.

I love being with you, but I’m glad we’re apart—I need the time to finish my book. ? ?

How is it already “time for bed”?

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He’s probably on his phone looking at memes.

We miss you, babe. We wish you were here with us.

Hey boo. I’m gonna miss you.

“I wish you were here to hold me. I miss you like crazy!”

I hope you’re having a wonderful day and that your family is safe and well. I miss you, sweetie.

You’re missed. You’re my sunshine. ?

I can’t believe I haven’t seen you in so long. How have you been? ?

Life without you would be like the moon if it didn’t have you in it.❤️

We miss you, but we’re glad you’re on your way. Have a safe trip!

You see, I have a problem. You see, I have a problem. You see, I have a problem. You see, I have a problem. You see,

I started to miss you as soon as I read your last message. I realized how much more stress I was under when talking to you made me happy. You were my lifeline – someone I could always count on to take my mind off of everything and just make me laugh until I couldn’t breathe. You would call every night and have a new set of jokes to tell me. You had me rolling over the phone, in tears from laughing so hard.

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  • I miss you. I miss talking to you and laughing with you. I miss your smile and your laugh and your love. You’re my best friend, my one and only, the love of my life. Her guy she’s interested in would have no idea it took me two weeks to figure out how to turn off my printer!!! Don’t worry about anything and just enjoy yourself. If you know that you are missed, then any attempts at reconciling will only continue further problems with bonding between the
  • You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met and I can’t wait to see you again. You mean the world to me, and you always make me smile, even when times are hard. Thinking about you brightens even my darkest days! I love you so much and there’s no one else in this world who brings me as much joy as you do.
  • I love you. There aren’t enough ways for me to say it, or show it. I miss you more than you could ever know. I didn’t realize how much I needed you until you were gone. I need you back in my arms where you belong.

I miss you meme for him funny

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I loved you and I will always miss you, even when your heart stops beating. You were my friend, my lover, the greatest man I ever knew. I love you just as much in death as I ever did in life.

I wish I was with you right now. Just sitting back and enjoying the whole relaxing atmosphere. All the memories that we used to share were so great. I miss you a lot; there is nobody like you. I love your soul as much as I love mine. Without you, life has lost its meaning.

Ammy, My love for you is the product of my love for you. My endless journey to find you were a waste because I have always been with you. You are my everything -the oxygen in my lungs, the breath in my body, and the reason to go on.
I love you, miss you, and wish I was in your arms right now.

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I miss you so much. ??

Hearing you miss me, makes me happy. ?

Aren’t you guys going to miss your sweethearts when they are gone?

I miss you, but I’m totally fine without you. ?


I miss you more than anything. It’s been too long.

I just miss you meme.

I miss you. It’s been way too long.

You’re the best. You’re the only one for me. And I’m the luckiest guy on this earth to have you in my life.

Missing you this weekend, but I’ll be back tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing your face when I get home ?

I miss you to the moon and back.

Bored? You can feel free to leave this one on the fridge.

You’re the reason midnight oil gets burned, the reason I can’t sleep and the reason that my heart beats twice as hard. ??

I can’t wait to see you again.

Missing you more than I miss coffee, more than I miss the beach.

I miss my brother. I’m going to miss him, even more, when I see him walk down the aisle. I love you and you know it!
I’m going to spend this day thinking about you and miss you more than words could say. WE had a relationship so strong that no one could break it. And now it’s all undone. I love you forever and always!
Every night I lay in bed and think about you. It’s hard sometimes, but it’s the truth. We are, after all, heart-bound. And with every breath I take we grow stronger and closer. I miss you more than words can say, my dear

  1. “I miss you so much, I could call you just to hear the voicemail.”
  2. “I miss you like a fat kid misses cake.”
  3. “I miss your face.”
  4. “I miss your presence, but your absence is saving my life.”
  5. “I miss you like a child misses their blanket.”
  6. “I miss you more than I miss pizza on a Monday.”
  7. “I miss your smile, but I miss my own even more because it’s just not the same without you.”
  8. “I miss you more than Netflix and chill.”
  9. “I miss you more than I miss my bed after a long day.”
  10. “I miss you like Kanye misses sanity.”
  11. “I miss you like the Democrats miss the White House.”
  12. “I miss you more than I miss my phone when it’s on silent.”
  13. “I miss you more than I miss my left sock after doing laundry.”
  14. “I miss you like a vegetarian misses meat.”
  15. “I miss you more than I miss my ex, and that’s saying a lot.”
  16. “I miss you more than I miss making plans.”
  17. “I miss you like a fat kid misses cake, but with more tears and less frosting.”
  18. “I miss you like a squirrel misses his nuts.”
  19. “I miss you more than I miss my debit card when I’m at the grocery store.”
  20. “I miss you like the Hulk misses anger management.”
  21. “I miss you more than I miss my sanity, and that’s saying a lot.”
  22. “I miss you like a fish misses water.”
  23. “I miss you more than I miss my morning coffee.”
  24. “I miss you like an addict misses their fix.”
  25. “I miss you more than I miss my Wi-Fi when I’m trying to stream.”
  26. “I miss you like a child misses their security blanket, except I’m an adult and I shouldn’t need one.”
  27. “I miss you more than I miss my bed after a long day, but with more tears and less comfort.”
  28. “I miss you like a dog misses its owner, except I’m not as good at hiding it.”
  29. “I miss you more than I miss my phone when it’s on silent, but with more tears and less frustration.”
  30. “I miss you like a fat kid misses cake, but with more tears and less frosting, and also I’m not a kid.”
  31. “I miss you like a squirrel misses his nuts, but with more tears and less scampering around.”
  32. “I miss you more than I miss my ex, and that’s saying a lot, but with more tears and less hatred.”
  33. “I miss you like a vegetarian misses meat, but with more tears and less guilt.”
  34. “I miss you more than I miss my sanity, and that’s saying a lot, but with more tears and less confusion.”
  35. “I miss you like a fish misses water, but with more tears and less gills.”
  36. “I miss you more than I miss my morning coffee, but with more tears and less caffeine.”
  37. “I miss you like an addict misses their fix, but with more tears and less desperation.”
  38. “I m
  39. I miss you quotes for friends funny
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I stepped out for a moment and I miss you already. I wish you were here because you are so sweet, thoughtful, and honest man. Your love feels like the sun shining on my face warming my heart inside to my toes. I know now why God sent you into my life, to show me what true love is. You are so sweet and thoughtful that you even send me cards in the mail with love notes every day. I will come back soon to hug you again and ream our special thing

I miss you more than I could ever express, especially on this day. When I was a kid I never knew how it felt to spend the beginning of every year searching frantically for someone special and praying that fate would let us meet under the mistletoe.

I hope you have a wonderful valentine’s day and every day after that! I love you so much, miss you, and can’t wait to be with you again.
I don’t have any real plans to express myself to you, but I know what kind of man you are.

You are the most incredible man I have ever met. Just knowing that there is a person with a love so great for me in this world makes me feel loved beyond everything else. I know our love is true and pure, and it always will be. Your future endeavors make me smile with delight, and though we may be apart from time to time, just know that

I think of you every day. I can’t wait to see you again. I love spending time with you. I miss you so much when we are apart. You make my life complete.

You are my world, my everything. I have never been hurt in love before because I was always too scared to try it. You made the first move and took a chance on me, and I am forever grateful for that. My love for you will grow forever and ever, to the end of time itself. You are the most amazing man I’ve ever met, and if anyone hurts you or breaks your heart, I will be there to put them in their place.

I don’t talk too much about my past relationships because they really are behind me. There is only one person though who I will always keep as close to my heart. That person is you. You are the only man I have ever truly loved… And now we have a child together… To add to that, soon we will be moving in together! These are all very big steps for us and ones that I know we both want… even though it’s a LITTLE scary. No

I miss your quotes/memes for my girlfriend

I know you are so beautiful on the outside, I see it every day in your smile. But sometimes I forget how beautiful you are on the inside as well, for so many other wonderful reasons. Your kind and gentle heart – is a rare gift that only a few share.
Your eyes are the windows to your soul, and when I look into them, it is like heaven in every sense. Your beauty goes beyond words, and I could stare into your eyes all day.

Missing you memes for him are the cutest thing ever! ?

Hi there, mighty viewer ?! We are here to make you LOL with funny memes about missing someone.

Feeling like you’re missing out? Here are some of our favorite memes for when he’s not around. ?

Missing you ? I can’t wait to see you again, but until then I’ll be here with the memes.

Hey babe, you’re the best! I miss you already.

It’s hard to find the words when someone you care about is hurting. So I’ll say this: I miss you.

A lot of time has passed since we last saw each other, but I’m still thinking about you and wishing you were right here with me. Miss you—

miss you crying meme

I miss you, too. ?

I miss you, yes I do.

Missing you already. Let’s do this again tomorrow.

Let’s face it, you’re the best looking one of your friends. ?

I know you’re probably mad at me right now, but I can’t tell you how much I love you. ?

Hey there, sweetheart! How is your day going? Let’s get a coffee and chat about it.

My heart is aching for you right now.

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I look up at you and I fall more and more in love every day. You are so beautiful in all sizes, shapes, and forms. I see your soul inside your eyes, I can tell what you are thinking just by looking at them. Your lips truly are an invitation of love to me and I am glad you invited me in. It’s hard to say I love you but when I think of the life we share together and how wonderful it is, it becomes easy and natural.

How do I love thee? I’ll tell you with true feeling, my dear, every day I love you more and more. Let me count the ways your beauty exceeds all others. For years you’ve given me your love and trust, there’s no one else that could ever take your place. For this is God’s divine intervention, that our hearts should be joined as one!

You are the most beautiful woman in the world. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for entering my life. You are a joy to me every single day, and I am thankful we have found each other.
Your eyes sparkle like the stars in the night sky. Your smile is one of a kind like no other. Your beauty floats around you and makes you shine. You are the most beautiful girlfriend in this world, there is no one who could ever replace you. I love you so much, baby!

Whenever I look into your eyes I am filled with such joy and peace. It’s like you can see right into my heart and soul. You make me feel like a princess whose beauty is beyond compare. When I’m near you all I want to do is hold you close and kiss your sweet lips, never letting go. Thank you for being my sunshine after all these years of rain.

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You are my everything. You are my best friend, my confidant, and my soulmate. I love you with all my heart. I miss you so much

I wished that the clouds would part and let me see you again because without you in my life, it is like a dark tunnel without light.

You were always there for me when I was down, always cheered me up when I was sad, always listened to me whenever I needed someone to talk to, always told me that I’m beautiful no matter what others said about me and most importantly, your smile brought sunshine into my heart and made everything better! Thank you for being there for me through thick and thin!

I just want to say that from this day on I am going to be better than before because the only thing that matters now is the fact that i have a lot of people who care about me. And yes I’m happy now but still missing u more than anyone else in this world so please just stay away from those drugs because it is not worth it at all.


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