5 time namaz rakat List Fazr, Zohar, Asar, Magrhib, Isha, rakat table or chart


Rakat table and chart in Hindi 5 times, Ramadan month is going on now and new people have problems that they do not know much about NAMAZ KI RAKAT. Many people offer prayers five times along with fasting during this month and their biggest problem is not knowing about the Rakt of Namaz. In today’s post, we will talk about this topic.

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Namaz ki rakat

I will give you the complete table of NAMAZ KI RAKATS which will be beneficial for you to pray in the future. Below I have tried to explain in detail the RAKAT for all five-time prayers and Friday prayers –
It is obligatory for all Muslims to offer five-time prayers which are Fajr, Zohar, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha respectively. There are different prayer Rakat in these prayers


Namaz is a specific time of prayer that is observed in Islam, in a mosque, or in the open. Namaz is performed at specific times of the day and night, based on the movement of the Sun and Moon.

Namaz means “remembrance” or “repentance”, and it is a prayer that Muslims perform five times daily.

Namaz consists of two units: Fard and Nafl (also called Sunnah). Fard consists of obligatory prayers that are compulsory for all Muslims to perform. Nafl consists of optional prayers that can be performed by anyone who can remember them.


Fajr prayer is read before dawn. There are total of 4 RAKAT in this Namaz. In which there are 2 RAKAT Sunnahs and 2 Rakats Fard. Fard Rakats are those which are obligatory on every Muslim to read.



The NAMAZ of ZOHAR is the prayer after the Fajr prayer. It is paid for around noon. There are total 12 RAKAT in ZOHAR KI NAMAZ. In which first 4 RAKAT Sunnah is recited, then 4 RAKAT Farz are read, after that again 2 Rakat Sunnah is read and lastly 2 Rakat Nafl is recited.


The ZUHR prayer is followed by the ASAR prayer which is recited afternoon. There are a total 8 RAKAT in the ASAR prayer. In which there are 4 Rakats of Sunnah and 4 Rakats of Fard, the 4 Rakats of Sunnah recited in it are non-mokida, which means that if you have time, then read it and if you do not read it, then your prayer is done.


In the prayer of MAGRIB, the first three RAKAT fards are performed, after that 2 RAKAT sunnahs are recited, and after all this 2 RAKAT nafls are recited. This prayer is recited after Asar’s NAMAZ.


ISHA’s NAMAZ is the last prayer of the day, a total of 17 RAKAAT are recited in this prayer. First 4 Rakat Sunnah is recited, then 4 Rakat Fard is recited, followed by 2 Rakat Sunnah then 2 Rakat Nafl is recited. The most important thing is to fall RAKAAT of WITR. In Isha prayer, 3 rak’ats of Witr are recited. At the end 2 Rakat nafls are read.

When is the Isha prayer performed?

The Isha prayer is offered at night, it is the prayer after the Maghrib prayer.

How many rak’ahs are there in Isha prayer?

There are 17 Rakats in Isha prayer, out of which 6 are Sunnah, 4 Farz, 3 Vitr and 4 are Nafl.

How many FARZ are there in Isha prayer?

There are 4 Farz Rakats in Isha prayer.

Is Isha Prayers 12 P.M. can be read after

No, the time of Isha prayer is not after 12 o’clock, although it is better to offer prayers before 11:30.


HOW TO READ THE NAMAZ OF WITR , There are three Rakats to be recited in the NAMAZ of WITR. The NAMAZ fixed for WITR is as follows –

WITR KI NAMAZ कैसे पढ़ें ?

WITR की NAMAZ कैसे पढ़ें , WITR की NAMAZ में तीन रकात पढ़ी जाती हैं। WITR की NAMAZ की नियत इस प्रकार है –
WITR की NAMAZ की नियत इन हिंदी –

“मैं नियत करता हूँ 3 रकात नमाज इत्र वाजिब वास्ते अल्लाह तआला के मुँह मेरा काबा शरीफ की तरफ वक़्त है ईशा का “

इस तरह से नियत करने के बाद सना पढ़े और आम नमाजों की तरह दो रकअतें पूरी करें और तीसरी RAKAT  के लिए खड़े होने के बाद पहले की तरह सुर: फातिहा पढ़कर कोई एक आयत पढ़े और अपने हाथों को कानों तक उठा कर फिर से नियत बांधे और “दुआ ए क़ुनूत” पढ़ें  और रुकू में चले जाएँ फिर 2 बार सजदा करें और आम नमाजों की तरह पढ़कर सलाम फेर लें। 

tarawih ki niyat

 नियत की मैंने 2 रकात नमाज़ तरावीह सुन्नत ए मोकिदा वास्ते अल्लाह ताअला के मुँह मेरा काबा शरीफ की तरफ पीछे इस इमाम के अल्लाहु अकबर


Allahumma inna nastainu ka
and nas-tag-firu-k
V nua minu bi-k v na tawakklu
alai-q and nusni alaikl khair 0
va nas kuru-ka wala nakafuru-ke
Va Nakhlau and Natruku Mainyaf-Juruk 0
Allahumma iya ka na a budu
wa l-ka- nusalli and naisjudu
Va ilai-k nasa and nah-fidu and narju
Rah-m-ta-q and naksha aja-b-k
Inna aja-ba-ka will kuffari mulhik

Note:- If anyone does not know Dua e Qunoot, he can read this Dua.

Rabbna atina fiddiya hasnatwan wa feel akhirati hasnatwan wa kinnaajabannar


A total of 14 RAKATs are performed by combining the Juma prayer and the Zohar prayer. In Which the first 4 Rakats of Sunnah are read after Maulvi reads Khutba and 2 Rakats teach Farz. After doing this we again read 4 Rakat sunnah and again fix 2 Rakat sunnah prayers. At the end 2 RAKAT nafl is read.

To complete the prayer, we must learn the prayer. If we do not get Namaz, then we can offer Namaz as soon as we come for 40 days, but it is necessary that these days we should learn Namaz. At least Sana, Sur: Fatiha, any 4 ayat, Durud to read Namaz There should be some more blessings for which we will provide you another post. If Allah wills, you will be able to complete the prayer soon. We will wait for your prayers.

I hope that the information that I have told above about NAMAZ KI RAKAT IN HINDI will help you in completing your prayers. Comment to me if you have any problems.



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