namaz ki 6 sharten ,namaz ada karne ka tarika in hindi

There are certain conditions for Namaz, without fulfilling which Namaz cannot be performed. There are certain conditions that must be fulfilled before starting the prayer, such as Wudu and other conditions that are taken care of while offering the prayer. Before offering Namaz it is necessary to fulfill these seven conditions-

  • body clean
  • clean clothes
  • The place to offer Namaz should be pure.
  • wearing clothes
  • time for prayer
  • facing the qibla

To make an intention means to have the intention and to concentrate that I am offering so-and-so prayer.

(a) To purify the body, if there is a need to take a bath, then take a bath or if there is dirt on the body. Then wash it. The trick of Ghusl (bathing) is this – first take clean water, then wash both, use istija if there is dirt on the body, then wash it, then do wudu. If you are not fasting, then gargle with kulli, then pour water three times on the whole body. Remember, it is Fard to rinse and pour water on the body in Ghusl, Ghusl cannot be done without these.

(b) If there is no need to take a bath to clean the body, then just do wudu. The trick of Wudu: First of all, wash both hands three times, and clean the teeth with a miswak of a green twig. If there is no miswak, otherwise rub the toothbrush with the big finger of the right hand, then clean the nose with the left hand by pouring water into the nose three times. Then pour water three times on the whole face. Take care that no part of the hair from the forehead to the bottom of the chin and the ear lobes remain dry, otherwise, Wudu will not be performed, then wash both hands including the elbows three times. Now take new water and wipe your head, ears and neck. At last wash both feet. Wash the right foot first, then the left.
One should not speak crooked things while performing wudu.

It is also Fard for the clothes to be pure for offering Namaz and it is better than the clothes should be clean, not dirty, not stinking. Always keep in mind that angels also live with you. The bad smell of the body hurts the angels just as it hurts your fellow human beings.

The place of prayer should be pure. Spread some kitchen cloth on the ground. Namaz should not be offered near dirt or on dirty ground. Dry land is considered holy. You can also offer Namaz on the lawn.

It is also necessary to wear proper clothes for prayer. It is Fard for a man to cover the body from the navel down to the knees and it is Fard for a woman to cover the whole body except the hands, feet and face. The part which is obligatory to be hidden is called satar.

The time of Namaz is also necessary for offering Namaz, that is, the Namaz for which the time has been fixed should be offered at the same time, if you read before the time, the Namaz will not be done and will have to be read again. Prayer after time becomes qaza, whose reward is not equal to prayer offered on time and not offering it on time is also a sin.

It is also necessary to face the Qiblah while offering Namaz, in India, Pakistan, the Qiblah is towards the west. The Qiblah of Muslims is in the city of Kaaba and Mecca is in Mukarram Arabia.