The art and science of creative advertising 

The 21st-century advertising methods have questioned the integrity of what William Bernbach believed. Trends like computer-generated imagery (CGI), virtual influencer marketing, integration of artificial intelligence etc. are on the rise.

Hence, his statement  “Advertising is fundamentally persuasion, and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art.” seems only partially true. 

In the 21st century where 21-year-old children are making millions and the creator economy is on the rise, it is evident that advertising stands on two pillars, that is, art and science. 

The Evolving Landscape of Advertising

In recent years, the advertising industry has witnessed a massive upheaval due to the digital revolution, shifting consumer behaviour and technology breakthroughs such as the integration of AI into content creation and lead generation.

In this blog, we’ll dive deep into this revolutionary journey focusing on how new approaches are replacing outdated ideas and evaluating strategies based on art and science. 

Advertising Analytics 2.0

Co-founder of MarketShare Wes Nichols explains the nuances of “Advertising Analytics 2.0.” The idea states that new techniques for mathematical modelling are applied to create tactics that connect more closely with the target audience as well as reach them at the right time.

With the help of this data-driven approach, businesses can see how their communications affect customers and make real-time modifications to their marketing strategies. According to him, doing the data analysis correctly may boost marketing performance by a whopping 30%.

The Art of Advertising

In the realm of advertising, creativity is the driving force that takes campaigns from ordinary to extraordinary. Understanding the importance of it is paramount because creative ads leave a mark on the audience and Apple’s iconic “1984” commercial comes to mind.

Through compelling storytelling and the aesthetic appeal of ad design, brands can forge emotional connections and enhance brand recognition and recall. 

Studies show that ads with high creativity scores are more likely to be remembered. These campaigns not only target creativity or visual appeal, they also craft a narrative that resonates with the audience and leads to positive consumer attitudes. For instance, Nike’s empowering “Just Do It” campaign comes to mind.

The Science Behind Advertising

Although advertising is mostly driven by creativity, science plays an equally important role, especially in the 21st century. Effective campaign creation requires an understanding of consumer psychology, the use of data-driven insights & technological integration. Science is making the process seamless.

Consumer psychology is a multifaceted field that examines the factors influencing purchasing decisions. By understanding these behaviours, marketers can align their campaigns with customer’s pain points. 

Utilising Analytics and Technology for Targeted Advertising

In this digital age, data is king. We are aware of how analytics, including social media insights and website data, can help guide targeted advertising campaigns and make sure the correct messages are seen by the right people at the right moment.

The intersection of advertising and technology has proven quite fruitful. In 2023, many CGI campaigns have gained traction, for instance, “Barbie” movie promotion, Baskin Robbins, IKEA and many others have joined the trend. Other than that, AI ads have also attracted customers such as KitKat AI campaign, KitKat California campaign and the most recent HDFC campaign in collaboration with Vigil Aunty and Nora Fatehi. 

Local Triumphs in Advertising

In India, no doubt major metropolitan cities are making a mark in the advertising industry but the efforts and boom in Chandigarh, The City Beautiful should be addressed. Advertising agencies in Chandigarh have employed the effective use of art, science, creativity and data-driven strategies to make a global impact. 

Chandigarh encourages vast options of advertising such as Mall Advertising. Malls like Elante Mall and Bestech Business Tower attract thousands of customers daily, thus, making advertising all the more lucrative. Additionally, outdoor marketing remains timeless and businesses as well as advertising agencies in Chandigarh are leveraging it. 

Radio advertising, though an old means of advertisement, is still popular in Tricity. Other than that, it also prioritises CTU bus advertising and print advertising. 

The Role of Creativity in Translating Data into Actionable Insights

Marketers, in this dynamic world of advertising; rooted in art as well as science, over the years have started making sense of the data along with the interplay of creativity. It involves more than just adding together data; it involves turning insights into memorable emotionally charged advertising.

Maintaining an advantage in the cutthroat world of advertising requires striking a balance between data-driven decision-making and emotional appeal. 

One such successful campaign was launched by Coca-Cola that was “Share a Coke”. The campaign was launched in Australia in the year 2011 and was later released in 80 countries across the globe. 

During the campaign, Coke bottles and cans were customised with names like “Emma,” “John,” or “Sam.” The purpose of the promotion was to foster a sense of community and connection among consumers by encouraging them to share a Coke with their friends and family.

The campaign made sure that the customised Coke bottles and cans would appeal to a wide spectrum of customers. Hence, they used in-depth market research to determine the most popular names in the country. By using data-driven insights, the business developed a tailored communications approach that connected with consumers and helped them feel personally connected to the brand. 

Wrap Up 

The future of advertising lies in the harmonious blend of art and science. We recap the insights gained, emphasising the importance of the local touch in crafting global messages. In a world with messages, the ability to resonate on a personal level is what sets successful campaigns apart.

Additionally, even in the era of globalised communication, the local touch remains invaluable. We delve into how understanding local nuances can elevate campaigns, making them relatable on a global scale.