what is a Convex lens || types of uttal lens in hindi and English


What is a convex lens called: – Convex lens is flat from the edges and thick or embossed in the middle. A Convex lens collects the rays of light and collects them at one point, so that you can burn anything.

The uttal lens in English

The Convex lens is called “convex lens” in English.

Use of convex lens

With the help of a convex lens, distant light rays are focused on a single point.
Convex lens is used in side mirrors of vehicles to see the cars coming from a distance.

Convex lens uses

Convex lenses are commonly found in optical devices such as magnifying glasses, eyeglasses, and cameras. These lenses have positive optical power. A convex lens is thicker at the middle than it is at the edges, meaning that light rays that pass through it are brought closer together (converged). As a result, the lens has a converging effect on light rays that pass through it.

Convex lens material

A typical convex lens can be made out of any material with a refractive index greater than 1. Some substances that work well for this purpose include plastic, glass, and water. The shape of the lens is curved outward on both sides; this curvature causes incident light rays to bend toward each other in order to converge at one point on the other side. This is known as focal point or focus. The distance between the middle of the lens and its focal point is known as the focal length of the lens.

The converging effect of a convex lens can be used to project an enlarged image onto a screen such as in a projector or to focus parallel light rays from an object into a single focal point for magnification purposes such as in a magnifying glass.

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