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kab hai Diwali | When is Diwali: Today in this article we will tell you  Deepawali 2022 date in India and how is it celebrated. Along with this, we will give a lot of information. If you also want to know this then our article today Watch from beginning to end in which we are going to tell you about Diwali in full detail.

Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights. It’s the biggest festival in India and occurs on the night of October every year. In 2022 Diwali will be celebrated on Monday, October 24th, 2022.

the festival of lights, called Diwali, is one of the most important annual celebrations in the Hindu calendar it is held on Dhanteras, the thirteenth day of the dark fortnight in the lunar month of Kartik, falling between September and October. for some Hindu communities, Dhanteras marks the end of a harvest season.

The festival of Diwali is the most sacred and biggest festival of Hindus Puri Hindustan or Hindus who live in outside countries. All these people celebrate this festival very well.


This day is also called the festival of firecrackers. On this day all the people worship Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh ji in their house with their whole family in the evening.

This worship is so that all the work in the house can be completed well without any disturbance and anytime in the house. Don’t be short of money.

importance of Diwali

If we talk about  What time is Diwali in 2022 this time then let us tell you that This time Diwali MONDAY 24 OCTOBER in 2022 Will be celebrated on this day.

We will give you complete information about this below. This festival is celebrated on the new moon of Kartik month. Many Hindu festivals also come in memory of Diwali, such as Govardhan Puja is done a day after Diwali, followed by Bhaiya Dauj.

It is also believed that on this day sisters worship their brothers for their long life and pray to God that their brother progresses a lot and never gets in trouble.

Diwali is the most important festival of India. Diwali, Deepawali 2022 is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in the whole country. In the present times, people have become more interested in making their houses beautiful, decorating it and display the traditional stuffs on their houses.

Diwali is a festival which is celebrated on the full moon day (Vishaka Phalguni) of Kartik month according to the Hindu calendar. The festival falls in between October and November every year depending on astronomical calculations.

This festival is known as Vijayadashami in Maharashtra, Dussehra or Ravan Dahan in Punjab and Karnataka etc. This festival marks the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. The day falls on different days across country depending on local practices and customs.

What is done before Diwali?

Before Diwali, all people clean their homes, whatever is old in the house, they leave the house and bring new goods in its place. Completely cleans which he cannot do daily, such as the tand of the houses (used to keep a room or choke like a house, which is made a little below the roof of the house) and many more cleaning We do that which we are not able to do for the whole year.

Also Diwali We also buy new clothes of all the members of the house, it is customary to wear new clothes on this day, all people wear new clothes on this day i.e. Diwali. Bombs explode. And do worship.

Dhanteras is celebrated a day before Diwali. It has been said in the customs that it is considered auspicious to buy any goods such as utensils etc. on this day. People definitely buy some or other goods from their garden on this day. And that day. When we worship Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh ji on the next day of Diwali, then we also include that object in that worship. Or we also worship that object.

Significance of Diwali or Why is Diwali celebrated?

According to the Puranas, when Lord Rama was returning to Ayodhya after killing Ravana in Tretayuga, the people of Ayodhya welcomed him by lighting a lamp. That’s why it is also called the festival of lamps, on this day the whole house is lit with lamps.

Every year people celebrate this welcome reception of Lord Shri Ram as Diwali festival . There is a law to worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Diwali. On this day, all people clean their homes thoroughly and make Rangolis in their homes and welcome the arrival of Mata Lakshmi by lighting the whole house with lamps.

So that there is no shortage of money in the house. People decorate their homes well on this day and after worshiping Lord Ganesha and Mata Lakshmi, they wish each other a happy Diwali by distributing prasad of Khil and Batase. This festival is celebrated very well by lighting Diwali crackers. On this festival, people also worship their jewellery, money and whatever items they take new. According to the beliefs, by doing this, Goddess Lakshmi resides in the house and there is never any shortage of money in the house. So that happiness and peace remains in the house.

What is done on the day of Diwali?

On this day, everyone wears new clothes in their house and distributes sweets in their family. And along with this, many sweets also come in the house and some dishes are also prepared in the houses on this day. With the elders of the houses, they go to collect bombs and when it is night, they also detonate those bombs. On this day, Lakshmi Puja and Ganesh Puja are done during the night, in which all the people of the house are involved, on this day Lakshmi Mata and Ganesh ji It is worshiped for the happiness and peace of the house. The festival of Govardhan Puja is also celebrated after Diwali.

Frequently Asked Questions About Diwali 2022 

Question 1 :When is Diwali in 2022?

Answer: Diwali is on 24 october 2022.

Question 2 : In which month is Diwali 2022 reading?

Ans : This time Diwali will be celebrated in the month of october

Question 3 : What is the date of Diwali?

Answer: Saturday24 october.

Question 4 : When is Dhanteras?

Answer: Dhanteras is on october 22.

Question 5 :Diwali is celebrated on which date according to Hindi months?

Answer:Diwali is celebrated in the month of Kartik.

My article “diwali kab hai 2022 |diwali kitni Tarikh ki hai | Diwali 2022 date in India calendar Hindi” You must have liked it very much. I hope you will celebrate Diwali 2022 with great joy and love and I wish everyone a better future.

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Diwali is observed with great excitement and joy, the festival of lights, Diwali is observed with great joy. The five-day-long holiday starts on Amavasya with a moonless night, the most important days are Diwali, Dashami, tilak Chaturthi, and Guru Purnima. Diwali becoming synonymous with sweets. The sweet varieties offered in the Diwali celebration are also counted in over two dozen.

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Diwali is a festival of lights and Diwali 2022 is just around the corner. Diwali, Deepawali 2022 is one of the biggest festivals in India.

Diwali is celebrated as the victory of light over darkness. It is one of the most important festivals in India and it comes in the middle of November or early December every year.

Every year, people all over India decorate their homes and shops with lights, candles, flowers, and garlands to welcome this festival and celebrate with their loved ones.

The festival of lights is also called Diya Diwas or Dhanteras which means “day of offering”. The day when people set up diyas (lamps) outside their houses to offer prayers for prosperity for the next year.

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