how to create a youtube channel in easy steps

In today’s era, everyone is unemployed and at the same time, no student wants to do any such work which will spoil his value. And this is the reason why it comes to everyone’s mind to create a YouTube channel or look for any other online earning option. So in this post, I will tell you how to youtube channel banaye or mobile to youtube channel Kaise banaye in Hindi.

The purpose of making

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how to create a youtube channel in Hindi 2022

It is very easy to create a youtube channel. For this, you have to follow some simple steps. Then your youtube channel will be able  For this, we have to follow the steps given below-

  • first, us play store  go and from there youtube  app 
  • After that youtube  in google mail ie Gmail 
  • After that you have to log in with the right upper side  I will get your profile from there you have to click
  • and your channel the option  Have to go In this you can customization of your channel. Like the channel name, you can select the category of the channel.

create a youtube channel on a laptop

laptop or computer likewise in the youtube channel  You can make the same process. On the computer you will find an app  You do not need to go directly to the web browser to youtube channel create can do. You just have to search and you will find your right hand  On the side you will find the icon of the profile where click on your channel option  From here you can create and customize your channel.

how to upload the video to youtube (video upload youtube)

Now many friends will have problems that how to upload videos to youtube or how to upload videos to youtube so let me tell you that it is very easy. You have to go to YouTube, and after that you have to right  Create video icon  Which I will get in the photo below the yellow watermark  Click on it.

After doing this you will get two options which can be either a live video or a gallery  You can upload videos While uploading the video, you will get the title and description  It also has to be entered, which increases the rank and search value of your video. Also, make sure that you have used the correct tags in the video as well.

How to make a youtube email?

youtube does not create a separate email. YouTube is also a product of Google, so YouTube is opened only from Google’s Gmail account and the account is created. So there is no need to create a separate email account.

How to enable a speaking system on youtube?

There is an automatic system to search by speaking on YouTube so that you can search. There is a separate mic sign on the side of its search box.

Free Youtube to mp3 converter activation key

If you want to download a youtube video or mp3 in your gallery then use this tool can use.

I hope you found the article video uploaded on youtube, and create a youtube channel much better and helpful. If you have any problem then let me know by commenting.

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